Sync from Webpage Fails

@Facer_Official I have two separate Facer accounts connected to two different phones and watches. Both accounts in the last 3 days have quit being able to sync watch faces using my computer on the internet. Phone one has Facer 5.1.48_102441 and companion app synced with a Galaxy watch. Phone two has Facer 5.1.51_102745 with companion app 5.1.51_102745 synced to a TicWatch S2. Not being able to click the sync button in Facer creator to test an unpublished face I’m working on in my watch is now very difficult. Please help!

@Facer_Official Also if it makes any difference (which it shouldn’t) this is my other account that is on phone #1. Phone #2 is on my @mrantisocialguy account.

I am also don’t connected to the same problem.
My watch is Galaxy watch active2.

Same issue. I’ve been making watch faces, publishing them, then loading them to my watch to check them out. It’s a pain in the ass, but a workable workaround for the time being. I hope they get this issue sorted out soon.

I write webpages and have one that I put every watch face I make as a link. That way at least I can use my phone’s web browser, go to that page and then click the link and it opens in the Facer phone app. I can then sync it from there, but it’s a hassle.

As of 9:30 am (13:30 UTC) 14 Oct 2020 cloud syncing from my computer on both of my accounts has started working again. Thanks @Facer_Official !