Sync problems with Facer (IOS) and Huawei-Classic


at the moment i have massive issues with syncing faces from the facer App on the Iphone.

The problem already happened a week ago but is going worse now.

When i try to sync a watch face from Facer (IOS) the sync process doesn´t end. It simply goes on and on…

The watch receives the watch face but doesn´t install, even if i keep the watch awake. Whenever it finishes it seems to try to install it again. At he end - nothing is installed at all.

Even when i already closed the Facer App on IOS.


Facer App on Huawei Classic:


Facer App on Iphone:

I hope you can fix it.



First, let me say how much I enjoy your face designs!

I had the same issue not long ago with my iPhone-Gear S3 combination.
I found a simple workaround that worked each time.
When you hit the sync to watch from the iPhone app and nothing happens, go to your running iphone apps and kill the Gear S app, then launch it again. The Gear S will reconnect to the watch and the Facer face that you previously selected will appear. Hope this works for you as well as it did for me.

Subsequently, I installed a Gear S3 software update (nothing to do with Facer) and the problem seems to have vanished.
Since that Samsung update, I can sync a new face from the iPhone without the steps described above.

The Tizen is now and Gear S3 software is R770XXU2CRE3.
Since I’ve just seen updates to all my Tizen watches, I’m optimistic that the Gear S4 will keep the Tizen OS when released this summer.

You know what… my bad! I now see that you were referring to a Wear OS Huawei watch.
I have a Huawei gen1 watch paired to my iPhone. I’ll check it out and let you know what I find.

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Thanks a lot for efforts and your nice words to my creations.