Sync, Save gif errors

Does anyone else have problems with gif images? the are not saving as the image shown on face or syncing on face, they are still saving as work done but and still working on face but they are not showing on face when uploaded or in saved creations, so no one can see what a face looks like before they click on it and it plays.

Yes, I have this too, very annoying. Others have said that you need to shift the time to the future before publishing.


yes thats what i thought too, and it worked for a while, but now no matter what i do it doesnt work, and keeps on not saving work as well. i tiy to save every 5 or 10 min but sometimes get lost in details then when i try to save , it just goes round and round and have to go back 30 min or so or work. it gone full buggy as hell and no updates for ages.

I’m working with gifs all the time, everything is OK, I don’t have any problem.

Link the problematic watchface here with inspector mode ON, somebody will help for sure.

its happening to every face i make , and now i cant add weather or battery and save at all unless i save after i add each image. its gotten stupid how it doesnt effect everyone. but ive tried chrome, opera, and other explorers and nothing is working , its not just me other people have similar problems but it seems to be getting worse

this is one that is really bad on, i cant even add 2 weather images at a time, only 1 at a time or it wont save

this is what it looks like when as main screen image until it is clicked on and opened then it works fine, but people cant see it so they wont know how good it is and will ignore it…