Sync Stats - Creator Pro

Anyone have any insight into the stats provided by the Creator interface, and that provided by the specific function in Creator Pro? I have a face that I released a couple of days ago (so no 30 day stuff to think about). In Creator, it tells me I have 57 syncs. In the Creator Pro stats module, it tells me I have 36. I could understand if it were a couple off, but 21? That’s kind of a significant difference.

as far as I can tell, the sync count in creator includes your own syncs, and the stats module does not. I think they also don’t update at the same time, or at least that’s the sense I’ve been able to make of it.

If that was the case, I wouldn’t have faces that have zero syncs, and the face in question, I have not sync’ed to my watch 21 times. Or even 5 times. Probably not even twice. :slight_smile:
Another Facer mystery I guess. :smiley:

Best thing is to open a Facer Support ticket then.

I think the stats start counting when you publish, so own syncs before that are not counted

I’m not going to worry about it, I was just curious. I think its the “Pro” stats that are off. One of the faces in question had a blip in the graph weeks before it was created. But now the same face (still under 30 days old) is off by 35 syncs with 201 in Pro, and 236 in the regular stats. Another (also under 30 days old) is off by 34 - 84 in Pro, 118 in regular. Neither of these faces required a significant amount of tweaking, either before or after publishing, and I have not sync’d either more than a couple of times max. One of them I superceded with a better featured model just a day after publishing, and I wear that one a lot. The original, not at all. I have another face that goes the other way, showing as 4 syncs in “Pro” and 0 in regular. I’m not going to bother support with this, it’s pretty trivial, but I’m not convinced that they are both based on an “accurate” formula of counting or not counting one’s own syncs.