Sync vs. Like in FACER

Dear All,
What is the difference between sync and like in Facer.
I have got messages < 'someone just liked your watch faces: “WF25” >.

  1. Is that means he or she already synced the watch face?
  2. If the answer is yes - i found many messages like above but sync not increases as the same quantity messages i got.
  3. If the answer is no - please advise.

Thanks to all.

The “Likes” work different on Facer. If I like your watch face that creates a link so I can find it again when I want to sync it. Consider it to be more of a bookmark for the user. You are just getting a notification that someone has bookmarked your face for future use. The sync count is a totally separate item that only you can see. I have three Facer accounts. I can see my syncs on each watch face. But if I go to one of my faces using my personal account, I can’t see anything like that. I’ve always wished that @Facer_Official would show us creators the number of people who have liked each watch face as a gauge of how popular they are separate from the sync count, but it’s never happened.


Thank you @mrantisocialguy to make this clear.