Syncing Huawei GT2e

I have spent a great deal of time Designing faces on Creator for the watch I anticipated getting for my 70th Birthday.
I now have my watch but cannot SYNC anything.
The watch is shown as one of those that could get Faces on the Website.
Is there a workaround or do I have to start again using the Huawei online app.
Would really appreciate some help.

The simple question you can answer is does that watch run on WearOS or on Huawei’s own operating system? If it’s the latter than it is not compatible with Facer. I have the Huawei 1 which was WearOS but I know they switched to their own OS at some point, I don’t follow it closely enough to know where your model fits in. But this is a common question with newer Huawei users, and sadly the answer is usually the same.

Huawei GT2 and GT2e both run Huawei’s LiteOS, and Facer doesn’t support it yet.

Thank you very much. You are absolutely correct but you find these things out a bit late . I think they call HMS . Which is not Her Majest’s Service but Huawei Mobile System . The don’t flag that up as a feature while they were selling up the product.
I have never used a blog before so thank you again for you very quick response. You lead me to wonder if Facer will ever bother to Sync these watches. I am very pleased with my watch and the designs I made . The two must remain separate for now.
Stay Well.

Thank you so much for your response . I am beginning to think I bought the wrong watch. Shame really the watch is beautiful.