Syncing still hanging

No news?? Syncing difficult and watch face changes allone to last Samsung Watch face :triumph:

We’re still working on this issue - which syncing issue are you having specifically?

Any news??

Thanks for letting us know, we’ve identified this issue as well and are working on a fix as quickly as possible!

Any news???

We are waiting for Samsung to approve our latest version, thank you for your patience.

So we have nothing to do because i have been installing and uninstalling for several times but it still in red even with the solution explained on issue number 2. Samsung s7 edge and a Samsung Gear S2. So sad…

@nordine.korichi if you write to our customer support ( they may be able to suggest a few other techniques to clear the issue in the meantime. We’re hoping Samsung will certify our update as soon as possible!

You can also use their zendesk help:

Still angry, paid for watch faces and cannot use it :frowning::-1:

Hi @gavin, my Facer Companion App for Samsung S3 Frontier updated today can you let us know what was updated, did it include the battery drain issue? Also another question re face timeouts, have queried this before. The Facer watch faces will only display on my Frontier S3 (non-lte) for 5 seconds even though the S3 has in it’s settings the ability to alter face timeouts to 15sec, 30sec, 1 minute and 5 minutes, why do Facer faces override this, is it a BUG?