Hello, When is the best time to launch a new watch face…? Thoughts…

Good question !
I observed more likes/synch when publishing on Thursday after 16h (CET)
…but it’s not an absolute rule :thinking:

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I’ve wondered the same thing but my own very unscientific experiments/observations are inconclusive. I’ve had the same question about timing of mailing list campaigns. I keep an email list for my music stuff to occasionally send something out about an upcoming concert or other news. I remember finding an article where this was researched. There were a few times that emerged but Tuesday at 10am was the slight winner.

Probably hard to apply that info to a watch face release on an international platform though.

I would think Facer has access to those kinds of analytics, I wonder if any of that info if available to Designer Partners?

There is a lot of studies about the best time to publish on instagram for instance.
Below for the Tech topics. It could be great to have such statistics for facer :+1:

Interesting. But how does that chart factor in multi timezones of the Instagram audience? So target Wednesday between 6-11am for whatever your target may be? Multiple posts to hit that time window in all your targets?

Also, any designer partners want to chime in if any such analytics are made available to you?

Thanks for the feedback. I doubt Facer will reveal this explicitly, thou there may be something to gain from noticing when Facer send out their promotions, the timing of which is likely informed by the user data insight.

It’s tricky. Its a global market… so where does ‘Facer’ have it’s best market reach/penetration to time most exposure… and for what design… different markets have differing tastes. And then there’s social media promotion…

Cheers R