Tag #DkZ# do not show 00 after midnight

Why do this Tag, don’t shift to 00:xx when it passing Midnight? It shows 24:xx
I have never seen a Time shows 24:xx
I have tried all other combinations, but it’s not succeeded to show 00: when passing midnight, but either 24:xx, or a single digit.

@post, I noticed the 24:xx, too… and wondered if that’s a FACER issue or an Android issue. :thinking:

I pretty sure its the way the tag is supposed to work. Not sure why you would want a 01-24 time period though. The other tag you may be looking for that does 00-23 is #DHZ# (Hour in Day (leading zero) (00-23)).

@eradicator09 - I wanted this, because I would like it to be by example 00:25 and not 24:25
I don’t know a Clock, which shows 24+
And I know the #DHZ#, but it don’t give any other result, in that way I wanted, to have the 00 in front.

Looking into it a little further, I was curious about the 00-23 vs 01-24 hr forms. It looks like these are typical coding formats. C#, JAVA, and other coding platforms use variations of the dateTIME strings to produce different results. In terms of use however, the only explanation I could find was the following: java - What is the difference between "kk" and "HH"+1 in ISO-8601? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange

“As for the usage, it is for i18n purposes or different usages as you already mentioned. In different parts of world, different notations are used. But normally, you would only use kk in situations in which you have business hours which goes beyond or after 24 hours. For example, TV stations.”

I think, that in most part of the world, they are using the ISO standard (00:00), and not this form mostly used in US (and Great Britain), 00-23. And as I’m living in Europe, where we all use the ISO standard, it is for me, the way times shows up. When a day is passing, it ends at 23:59:59, and a new starts so at 00:00:00. And that’s why I asked for this possibility!
But thanks for you’r time to lookup different solutions. I hope it will come as a solution, in future updates.
I put a Link in here!

To close this one out, am I misreading your post? Are you wanting it to only display 00-23? Does the #DHZ# not work as intended?

I think #Db# shows 24:xx times. That’s what’s weird.

No, none of all the Tags, are able to produce 00:xx after Midnight! Either 24:xx, or 1:xx. Try by yourself, to get the ISO time, showing as I wanted (00:xx), when passing Midnight. It’s impossible.

Seems to work for me.

Is this in the creator or on your watch that it wont display the 00:xx? If on the creator, check the settings button. Mine is set to “system default”. If on watch, double check the Android Wear and Facer settings.

you could also use the #DH# tag, but that doesn’t have the leading zero.

What to say!! I don’t know what has been the problem. I have once again tested, and used you’r example. And it works!! I can’t even say, why it did’n worked before (I have used all combinations). It became a longer thread, and in reality, it was not a problem on Facer, or Android, but to me, unknown. Best is, that it works. :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’m glad it resolved itself. I’ve noticed at times when duplicating or adding a new element, that the creator won’t recognize new changes to that element until I’ve clicked off and then back on it. The changes I had made end up being lost due to some weird refresh issue. Maybe that was it.

When in doubt save, close it out, and then reopen. That tends to clear things if there was a server lag. Happens when you Face to hard.

It can maybe be, that the problem lay in this, that I have used 2 (Day / Night, two colors) clocks, and have it to shift, 4 times during the 24 hours run! That’s the only thing, I can come close to, as an explanation.
I have not used Facer for more than 3 weeks, but I have discovered, that “funny” things happens, when you works to finish a watch (also frustrating things) :slight_smile:

It was on this Watch, I had the problem. Try running a 24 hours turn, and you can see it shift’s more times, and places (outer ring shifts at specific times, between 12 and 24 hour), and also the color.

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@post This is not the question you asked, but I really like this watch face! Great job! :thumbsup:

Did you try color-picking the blue shoes from your bluebird? Maybe make the shoes a little smaller? What you have now is a really saturated full blue.

@Pacingpoet! - Thanks for the comments! (outside topic!)
It’s always a choice of which color to choose. I decide the more “powerfull” Blue, to show that it acts about the “Steps”.
My Bluebird (a Kingfisher), is a drawing I made many years ago, and have used as a kind of “logo” during the years. So I did not think to match color with this.