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hi, i have create this dial that show the days of the week:
the half-circle is 210°, but i want use only 180°.
so, monday is at -90° and sunday is at 90°.
i have try several formulas, but i have failed at all.
i know you have a formula that switch from 1 day
to another 1 step by step (not smoothly).
first step = -90°
sec. step = -60°
third step = -30°
etc etc.

i also ask:
is possible that the dial can move depending on the hour of that day ???
monday is from -105° to 75° (30° total of course).
is possible to have the dial of monday that is at perfect -90° when is noon ???
and of course if the time is 6h30m, the dial is versus the 105°,
while the time is over noon, example: 20h00m, the dial is versus the 75°.

thank very much.

Note: These type of questions should instead be tagged ‘Watchface Design’ & ‘Expression Help’.

And some of your questions have already been answered there …

Suggested expression:

  • DOW-1 :: (to set start of Monday/Lunes)
  • DH/24 :: portion of 24hr day
  • -105 :: set origin to -90 - 30/2 degrees


sorry if i have write in a different topic!

thank you very much.
you are very good on formulas!

this is mine for 1 step for day:

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