Tag for miles walked

Can someone please tell me the Tag/code expression for miles walked. I have seen someone else use it but it was not viewable. Thanks in advance


There is no tag for that.
We have to use a formula to convert the steps tag #ZSC# in distance.
I use this one in the text field to convert either in miles either in km depending on the user settings:

$#UNITSYS#=IMPERIAL?(floor(#ZSC# * 0.621371 * 0.65/10)/100) Miles:(floor(#ZSC# * 0.65/10)/100) km$

You surely remarked I used a distance of 0.65m for one single step but it could be 0.60m or even 0.70m

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Hi gogsoman

I use, always in a text field:
Steps into Kilometres

Steps into Miles

If you are interested in other conversion formulas you can try these other too

Steps into Calories (Burned Calories)
(round((#ZSC#/20))) or

Steps into Sports Time
Minutes Only (min)
Hours & Minutes (hh : mm)
(floor((round(#ZSC#/110))/60)) : ((round(#ZSC#/110))-60*(floor((round(#ZSC#/110))/60)))


thanks @diavo ! Helpful to have those all in one place! What exactly do you mean by “sports time” ?

Well. i mean time you do not spend sitting in a chair or a sofa like a sitting duck. As to say walking, jumping and things like that.
May be not too useful, but…is a different way to compute what you do. LOL

Thanks a lot diave

Thanks jeberuth, will try it soon:

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I did both methods from Diavo, and jeberuth. Came out with 2 different answers. I think it is in the step distance that gives different answers. I will try to find out my step distance and come up with one that is the closest to myself. Thanks guys, appreciate all the help.

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Hi diavo,I was wondering? what is 0.0476 ? I have a stride of around 22 inches. Thanks


Hi gogsoman
Realyy i don’t know. I have had these formulas from a guy a long time ago and i do not remember who was the guy. In addition to this i9m a very bad math and for formulas i completely rely on the community.
Sorry not being able to be more helpful. I simply have shared what i had

Hi @gogsoman,
Looking at the formula, it corresponds to one step of 0,000476 miles = 30,16 inches = 76,6cm