Tag time for 1-12 hours and 13-24 hours

hi, i have create a face with 2 circles for hours.
the left circle control the day hours (0-12)
the right circle control the night hours (13-24).
i have try several formulas for hidden-visible the arrows,
but the arrow on the left stay on till 13 and after start
the right arrow.
anyone can tell me the exact formula ???
thank very much.

$#Db#<=12?100:0$ (left circle, day hours)
$#Db#>=12.1?100:0$ (right circle, night hours)

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(#Db#) depens of user choice, (#DkZ#) is always 24hs format and you have only one 12
Try this:
$#DkZ#<12?100:0$ (left circle, day hours)
$#DkZ#>=12.1?100:0$ (right circle, night hours)

hi, thank for reply.
your formula work like mine.
but the problem is alwasy at 12-13 of the time.
the left arrow stay on till 13.00
the right arrow start from 13.00
the problem must be where i have wrote: <12 and =12.1 (this is wrong).

Yes, sorry to miss the 12.1
Use <=12 in the first and >12 in the second, with #DkZ#
That should work…

yes, now they work.
thank very much for the help.

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