TAGs For Date, Month, and Day Wheels

People often ask for the correct rotational TAGs for either Day, Date, or Month Wheels, so I thought I’d help out by putting this Face together where all 3 are used. Inspection Mode is on, so everyone can see the TAGs used on the Markers for each Wheel.

Date = #DMR#
Day = #DWR#
Month = #DMYR#


Funny and useful. I had not discovered the tags you have indicated

Hi using an image date wheel that has been created, put in the code recommended but I get no rotation at all, unsure what I am doing wrong. Sorry new to facer

Have you tried #DMR# in the Rotation setting?

Also see

Kinda has it all as well

Thank you, however doesnt work as the date is displaying a day ahead

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Just apply a rotation to your Date Wheel to compensate for it then :wink:

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dumb question, but how? new to facer


Hi @mcirish8189 So you number ring is out a little bit. To compensate you have to add or subtract a few degrees. Probably best to rotate your graphic. It is good when drawing up rings and hands to concider the zero point and of course the center of the image is the pivot point or things get complex.

((#DMR#) +11.61)

Take a look at this Test Face (the bottom image below) I made up to help people like you @mcirish8189
Open it in a new window, then Tap the little Rocket Icon Rocket-Inspection Icon to open Inspection. There you will be able to view any info you want that could help you understand how it works.

Hope all this helps you :+1:

Working on a chrono with a date wheel. Super info. Thx.


Nice :ok_hand:

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5 o’clock tick need s a bit of bling . Just fake it . I was thinking of making a Blond Face . Fed up with the Night . The Display is not on Long enough to be a problem . Some Platforms will not let you Save a Blond Face . Looking forward to seeing the hands on there . Please Keep us posted .

BTW if your ticks had 4 facets one would always reflect some light . I could make them in CAD for you . But you know what I mean and what to do .

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thx Russell. Hands are always the most difficult for me. I can’t come up or create anything gold. I also think it may be much gold any how. And any micro flaw shows up on white much more I am finding out. My hand making skills are still pretty primitive.

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I did find some gold hands here. Gotta work on it some more😉

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I did a face where the hand highlight changed dynamically all the way round. If you had a hand that was made with facets like your Ticks that could be quite nice. You would only need one hand but at 4 angles. If you like I can review what I did and make you a set.


Thats a style I actually like. I use similar in some of my other analogs. Thx


I think this it. Not to much gold. Clean and Simplistic.


Very nice and clean. May I say I little shorter hour hand / pointer.