Tags for table or database lookups?

I’m a nubie and have only designed a couple of watch faces to this point. So tags et al are still pretty foreign to me. But I’ve put together this face and I’d like to replace the “PLAY BALL” with that day’s game time.

Is there a way to insert the value from a table or database given another parameter. IE given today’s date, what is the game time for today?

I’m not a sports fan so excuse me if I say something wrong regarding the sport.

  1. If you are referring to a method, that reads data from an online source that you point to - no.
    Facer doesn’t have that option.

  2. If you are referring to creating (by yourself) a set of predetermined values that will represent game start time depending on something (like a day, or a month) - no.
    Facer doesn’t have that option.

  3. If the game starts at a specific time (always the same) you can use those tags:
    #DUH# - hours
    #DUm# - minutes
    #DUs# - seconds
    They give back current time in UTC, so just add/subtract specific time zone to get time in it.

On Mellin second point, potentially, you could:

  1. Create a huge condition with all the games for the regular season and have a version of the watch per year.
  2. Create an image that moves per week, letting the week’s game show under a “mask”

A lot harder for the play-off though as it could potentially change every week.