Tags Not Working For Newbie


I’m playing around with the Facer Creator and have just designed my first watch face for my Samsung Galaxy Watch. I tried using tags for heart rate (#ZHR#) and phone battery level percentage (#PBP#) and although these fields do show up on my watch face, they do not update i.e. they remain the same value as when I first added them to the watch face (80 for the heart rate and 89% for the phone battery level). I have a feeling there is a simple explanation but I just can’t find it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry, never mind. Figured it out - so that’s what the rocket icon is all about! I knew it was something simple that I overlooked.

hello tyun08!
I had the same problem with the weather icons.not update de temperature, and clima. What was your solution?
thank you!!

Unfortunately, I received no responses so I’m not using my watch face much. Although just recently, I used it and it seems that the phone battery level is being updated - maybe there was a recent update that fixed it.