Tags on images?

Hey all, just started using facer and having a lot of fun with it.

Ok had to edit this. I guess what i’m looking for is where do you place conditionals on an image? I saw in the wiki how to do the am/pm thing, but where does that conditional go in the designer?


Reading is fundamental. I got it from other posts and the wiki.



It depends on what you’re trying to have the image do. If you wish for it to show during certain conditions, then the transparency field will be your target. If you’re trying to have it move, then you’re focusing either on X, Y or rotation.

If for instance, you want an image only to show during the AM hours, then set transparency to $#Da#=AM?100:0$ so as long as the #Da# tag reads “AM” it will have 100 opacity, otherwise it will be completely transparent. It’s strange, I know, but the transparency field actually functions on percentages of opacity with 100 being completely opaque.

I hope that helps,

Thanks. I got what I needed with DISDAYTIME and I saw the AM/PM stuff. Really interesting.

Now if I could just figure out how to set the text colors by the same DISDAYTIME==true/false i’d be good to go.

That works too! DISDAYTIME will actually give you different readouts than Da as it’s based on sunrise and sunset, but that could actually be more precise for users as opposed to the changes happening at noon and midnight!

As of now, font colors aren’t controlled via expressions. The best bet would be to duplicate text right on top of itself in a different color and use the same DISDAYTIME condition on the transparency for the two sets.

I didn’t even think of that!! Thank you!