Talking about #VAR#s. INC and DEC

Talking about #VAR#s… instead having 2 different object for INC and DEC it could be useful to have one single with the inc/dec value setted to positive or negative number… isn’t it?

It needs more than that.

If you could have a function to add/subtract a number, that would be even better. Then a single variable could be used for multiple related settings.

Only have 6 variables kinda sucks

Is it possible to set value to VAR?
Let’s say something happend and I want to ser VAR_2 to 3.
Is it possible?

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No it isn’t
You can set variables only with interactions

That is so bad :frowning:

So I vote to implement that function,…,

Anyway, thx for quick response.

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No problem

There’s an actual vote button at the very top by the way :stuck_out_tongue: click that if you really want your vote to count :v: I’m down as well lol

Sure, but I want to have possibilty to set value to VAR without touching screen :wink:

Voting for this doesn’t mean you can’t vote for more ideas :wink: At the end of the day, whatever was suggested here is already better than what we have :joy:

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