Tap unresponsive

I’m new here, So here it goes…

  1. On my GW4 Lte 46mm, Lodging “Knight Project 108” Builder “Rammor”
    Tap action on 1,2 not working
  2. Inside of more info. Tap action on Email errors message.
    3.Tap action on phone not responding.
    It’s still a very nice face *** stars now.
    If Update fixes problems. An easy 4.5
    Edward Jones Thxs.

If you go to the page with that watch face on it. Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Comments”. From there you can make a comment on that watch face and ask the person who made the face what exactly can be done. BUT, before you do that try restarting your watch. A restart will fix a lot of weird faults for some reason.