Tapping face opens Fit Goals

This started a couple months ago and I unfortunately don’t remember the exact timing. Can’t seem to find any post about it.

“Fit Goals” opens every time the bottom half of a Facer face gets tapped. It doesn’t matter which face I use and if that face has its own interactions or not. For a couple minutes after changing a Facer face the issue won’t happen, but then it starts.

Hasn’t posed a real issue for me yet as the faces I’ve been using either all have the information on the screen or happen to have a tap area right in the middle or top half of the face. I figured it was something that got introduced in regression and would eventually be addressed. However, I am now using a face that has the primary tap area in the bottom right corner and the issue is definitely interfering with my enjoying this particular face.

I have a Fossil 6. The Fossil faces aren’t causing any issue so it seems to be specific to Facer.

My Facer versions are

  • 6.0.1_106391.phone
  • 6.0.1_106392.watch

Is there a setting I’m missing that I can turn off or is this a bug?

Thank you!


Welcome to the forum!

I don’t know how to help with that but hopefully someone else in the community may chip in with some advice. If you want the official Facer Support team to look into it then you can contact them by raising a new support request at:

Submit a request – Facer Creator

or send an email to: facer-support@little-labs.com

In either case you should receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

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I had all sorts of Fitness crap popping up all the time when I first got my GW4. Took it into the Network shop where it came from, and they sorted it all out for me.

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Thank you! I will give the community a few days to make sure there’s not something I’m missing and will then follow up with support.

BTW, I’m one of your ~89K followers! You create some really impressive faces!!


Me too :grin:

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Are you sure you have not installed, or activated any productivity apps that might have added 3rd party hotspot overlays for tap to launch? I’m sure I read about a couple way back when first investigating possibilities but not sure how I came across them and search magic is failing me now.

I admit I am not 100% sure about that which is another reason why I waited to post thinking it was something self inflicted. I feel like I ruled that out by trying watch faces from other sources, like a Fossil watch face.

I use AutoWear which integrates with Tasker and do have some custom overlays that get added under certain conditions and then removed appropriately. I’ve gone through everything and don’t see where it is something lingering from my messing around with that. The overlays I’m using should affect all watch faces.

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OK. Iill have to look inyo Autowear as I am a big tasker fan myself.

On my Pebble I had a long press button trigger with a fairly close appoximation of the bus announcement system telling folks not to play music without headphones.

I did have another, aimed at teen wanaby singers in the standard british computer voice: “Warning, calling the RSPCA. Cat strangulation detected”

Cool, thanks so much!