Taste like a scamm

I noticed myself and now I read here that there is a lot not working when you use Facer, I use a Samsung Gear and half of the functions is not working and there is no single warning from Facer when I did pay for the Premium version…

It is kinda strange that a lot of Premium designers are aloud to ask money for a product that is not even working… I have no idea if people on other platforms do get a warning about things that are not working but I feel ripped off big-time as long a lot of the functions the premium faces claim to offer not work at all and now I see it is not working for all users I really think we get ripped off big time.

How hard can it be to inform a potential buyer about the fact not much is working ? in the info on Play as well the Samsung store nothing in mentioned about the fact that most options not work… even here not much is explained and I see a lot of people with a lot of complains and nothing from facer about it.

Also the “premium” account who are offering the faces that not work do not give a warning about the problems and when you find out you can not longer claim your refund… Here things like that are not legal…

If more people feel they got ripped of after paying and found out a lot is not working please leave a comment here, after the weekend I will fill a official complain at Play and Samsung store and it always helps when more have the same complain.

I also have the hope the good Premium designers will add a comment in there info or remove faces that not work, it’s a well k now bug so it’s really not done still asking money for it…

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Surely that is not the experience that Facer wants you to have. All of the Premium Designers that I know are very helpful and will go out of their way to make sure things are right. As to any issues with specific watch faces, try contacting the designer via private message. Often, problems are on the customer’s end with settings, etc. and they can be handled that way.


Agreed. Many times it can be an issue with the watch itself depending on what watch and firmware between watch and facer app.

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I’ve very rarely had issues with a watch face. And anytime I have the designer has always been very helpful with getting it straightened out. It is usually something on the buyers end with syncing, or their watch. Like @Linlay said contact the designer and I’m pretty sure they will help you out and make things right.


I did spend some time reading here before posting. problems with Samsung watches (Tizen) are well know and not user related but a Facer problem. Still user off the Samsung app does not get informed when they are installing the software. Other really strange thing is that Facer still offer a Windows app while it’s not working at all… Seems nobody at Facer care to fix it or to remove it. if you use some version of Wear OS you don’t get the warning it will not work… (not everywhere you can use Google Pl ay). FACER should inform users about problems before they buy and install it. And true, some problems are user related, not the bugs about not being able to read out the sensors from some watches, premium users should warn about that! Your refund window is closed when you find out it’s not working… As long those bugs are well know there is no excuse.

Maybe all should read the many complaints and the lame response Facer give… That Samsung take their time to approve updates is no excuse for selling broken software. Just inform users the right way till thing are fixed.

O, don’t pm me, just drop a line here I don’t gonna read my messages all the time, but good to know many agree.

Hmmm …

I don´t know what you are talking about… All premium watch faces are tested from the facer crew before they are published. I had a few complaints of customers in the past, but they were all user related problems and solved with my advices.

When Samsung brings out a buggy new tizen update facer is not responsible about the issues they produce. Nevertheless - i know the facer staff is always in contact with the samsung developers and if they are aware of an issue they try their very best to solve the problems as soon as possible.

So what is it all about?

Greetings, GAUSS. (Premium Designer)


@GAUSS, so you can build faces without problems with the Samsung Gear S3, S2, and the latest Gear? All faces I did try do not update most of the sensors (weather etc).

If I make a test face myself, most sensors also won’t update…

But maybe all those people who complain on FB, G+ and here don’t know what they do.

My point is that Facer and the people who ask money for faces seem to ignore the problems.

And the way Facer responds to the problems is close to ignoring them.

Strange thing is that faces I get from Samsung store work perfectly… I don’t have to use Facer but I did pay for something that is not working as should aspect. By buying premium I also aspect all paid faces work as they promise.

Premium designers can not hide behind Facer if Facer platform is not working 100 %. They have to inform potential customers about that… (something about consumer law and stuff)

We’ll see what happens Monday, we did send the complain with some backing from users here and FB.

Hi @phrozencrew1!

Sorry you’re having issues with Facer - can you share the ticket ID you received when contacting facer-support@little-labs.com with your concerns? We’ll make sure to follow up on these and do our best to help you. Lastly, we always provide refunds when they’re are issues we’re not able to resolve immediately for the user.



It’s not about the money, it’s about not giving new users a decent warning their are problems with many devices.

I got feedback blaming Samsung for not approving fixes right away… Beta testing is to fix bugs, a payed app should work fine and you can not blame Samsung for taking their time to be sure apps are fine (hint to Google).

Looking how many people complain only last week about the same problems should ring a bell…

I have more trust in the complain then support, special the problems with Samsung is pretty documented but still it seems no reason to inform users about it before takin their money.

With all respect, keep my money I go for a real solution and keep it to Tizen faces till then.

I have the Gear S3 frontier and the S3 Classic. And neither give me any issue syncing faces.


@chadwgraves37, I never told syncing was a problem !!

The simple side works fine, but when I buy or use a face with weather functions or location it have to update like it suppose to do, not to being static!

I even wonder if and how they test a face like that like @GAUSS did mention. I am in Europe en for sure here location and weather is not working/updating with facer while when I use a Tizen face (from the Samsung store) it work fine.

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@phrozencrew1 I am from Europe too, I use Samsung Gear Sport with Tizen and everything works fine. You have correctly enabled the use of location?

Same here, as well in Europe. But i own a huawei classic. Weather is working perfect.

What we talk about is that in most cases if not any case it‘s an user related problem. Old versions, not correct enabled feature access and so on. People that own a smartwatch should correct it by themselves, this is not the responsibilty of facer. To your question of how testing in Europe: in some cases they ask us premium designers to test it or we tell them immediatly when we have issues with something. When there is a problem with the tizen system they can‘t do anything but inform the developer and wait for an update…

I use a Samsung gear watch and you do need to leave the facer app running on the phone to receive updates to the watch for weather and other data. I just open the facer app and leave it running in the background.

Sorry about the mixup. But I travel to Europe, Asia, India for work and I never have an issue with any readings on my face working. So I still cannot see how Facer is the problem.

Maybe Scam was a bit a big word…

But when an app update location and weather fine when I use an app from the Samsung store my settings are fine, If Facer need an different setting the app don’t work right point.

My point is that a lot of things don’t work 100% and nobody seems to bother to mention that, same for the Windows app, Facer provide an stand alone app and simply tells users not to use it… Just don’t offer it point.

Same with the way Facer handle a lot of other things… they start a FB page and a G+ page but just ignore it… if you don’t wanne communicate that way remove those communities…

For me it really looks like some high school project that always need work and never should be live before things are working 100%. Some other apps that do more or less the same can do it so what is holding Facer back ?

If you read the complains a lot of people have the same problem with Samsung watches, it might be they are all plain dumb afcource… I think I even have seen reactions from Facer that the problem was known and they are “looking into it” so it surprise me some people say it’s just an user problem.

Can be fun with the holliday season… tons of cheap Chinese versions of watches are on every site and i’m sure they will not work with facer as long Google play services are not on those watches… and it’s hard to figure out that it will not work…

It’s not a problem Facer create but it would make a lot of sense to make it very clear BEFORE people install or buy Facer… saves a lot of after sales pain…

And I do not have those problems with the weather when I use Watchmaker so it can work…

Maybe Facer need to hire some code monky’s who can build a new app and test it on all markets ans senario’s before releasing it again… the idea is great but it looks like a project at work and not something ready for the market…

Well, thats all your point of view…

I can only talk about my experiences with selling watch faces and you can believe me that there are only a tiny amount of user complaints about them. I didn´t have to make any refund yet and all problems the customer had have been solved soon.

That´s the naked truth… and that´s the reason why i can´t understand your heavy complaints. Little labs is not a very big company and in my opinion they made and make a damn good job, trying to solve all problems as soon as possible and develop their software in a good and useful way.

For sure they can do better - everyone can do, with lot´s of ressources and manpower… but first of all you have to have enough money to grow a big company.

It´s very easy to make complaints without knowing all facts.

Just my two cents…

Greetings, GAUSS.


I can’t say anything that everyone else hasn’t said except that I have a s3 frontier and I experienced these problems at first and have all been fixed by changing permissions and settings as well as making sure all software is up to date. All of my faces are tested on both Tizen and WearOS before they are published. I have only had one issue of a face not working and it was fixed before I had to help troubleshoot.

Just a disclaimer, if anyone has a problem with any of my faces, free or paid, a quick email to facer-support@little-labs.com and/or me directly at support@orakix.com and I will do everything in my power to make it right.


Probably your watchface has an old version or not updated. Or probably you don’t even have a smartwatch. No profile image makes me doubt about the existence of some people. It would be a great idea if you start posting screenshots about your issues.

By the way, I was in shanghai last week and my smartwatch with my facer faces was working great! Now at home in Spain so happy!


What do you mean by that?