Tazwatch II - Starting to Get to Grips With It

Starting to get a handle on how to put it together I think.


Heart rate DIAL! very cool @taz! :+1:

So community, I’m working on my first HR upgrade and started thinking about ZHR’s range.

At the bottom, I’m picturing Olympic-level marathon runners, at rest - nearly catatonic but still conscious. Maybe their heart rates have dropped impressively low approaching 40 as the min on a watch dial.

At the top, approaching tachycardia, a dangerously high rate is probably above 150 for most adults. If someone’s HR is over 150, they’re probably not looking at their watch. I’m thinking they’re falling off a 40-story building, tied to railroad tracks, or something worse.

With that horrible thought said (lol), I was thinking a good dial range could be from 30 to 150 for analog indicators. That gives a range of 120-degrees which works out nicely for a hand-sweep that’s 2/3 of a circle (240-degrees).


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Thanks for the comment. :+1:

When I was cycling, training for sidecar racing, I fairly regularly pushed my heart rate to 170. I’ve seen 160+ at metal gigs too, although my resting rate is usually pretty good (around 58). That’s why I set a max of 200 - to give some headroom. I set a minium of zero so that the needle didn’t drop off the dial when the monitor lost tracking.

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hmm @taz I wonder if the zero case can be conditioned out (anything under 30 equals 30). On the other end, maybe 180-degrees is a better max.

On my dials, I try to avoid the wealthy-parents-car condition. These are the folks who buy a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S because it’s a “safe” SUV and they have children now. While the vehicle is easily capable of track speeds over 260km/h (150mph+), the thing probably never sees a single day over 70km/h (45mph) around town dropping the kiddies off at school and grocery shopping. 2/3 of the speedometer (with most of the vehicle’s true capability) is completely wasted and never used.

Your dials (all three of them) look awesome. I like the digital read-out windows interior to the dial. Nice.


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I haven’t investigated yet, I’m very new to Facer, but I know there is an IF/THEN argument so I’m sure you could condition out sub-30 values.

I know what you mean about unused speedo, but when you’re racing you never look at (or have) a speedo anyway. :yum:

Glad you like the dials. I wasted bloody hours with my lack of skill in Paint Shop Pro. :joy:

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