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Teacher's Pet - Learning Tool

This was the first time I’ve created a face without any shadows, cosmetic features, realism, etc, or for that matter, with not much regard to appearance.

I spotted a post on the Facer FB group from a teacher asking recommendations for kids learning to tell time. That gave me the idea of making a face just for that purpose, and with the teacher’s input and help I created this to fit his (and other teachers and parents) purpose. It needed a few option toggles, but knowing teachers and school budgets, I had to keep it a free face and we settled on 2 sneakily adjusted options (see face’s page for details).


Very good. With @kourosh patent Free option switches.


I saw that post on Facebook, but I have so many projects at the moment I didn’t feel like I could do it for him. I’m glad you were able to help him out.


And after graduating from Teacher’s Pet 1, I just published Teacher’s Pet 2 for a natural progression in learning.