Temp says it's 172 degrees outside

I have been using Facer with a custom watch face that I’ve made for several months and haven’t had any issues. Sunday, however, I noticed my watch said it was 172F outside. Now, its definitely hot out, but its not that hot!

I’ve implemented some of the fixes that have been mentioned from a few years ago, but it still isn’t right.

Any ideas? I have a Galaxy Watch 4, if it matters.

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Can you post a link to the watch face with inspection turned on so we can look under the hood and maybe see what is going on with it? Also before you even do that, turn your watch off, let it set a minute to clear it’s RAM memory then turn it back on. I’ve found that the GW4 watches and most other WearOS watches operate best if you restart them on a regular basis, just like an old Windows computer. I just turn my watches off every time I charge them and never seem to have these odd issues at all.

I tried turning it on/off the other day when it started - but only left it off for a few seconds. I just did it again and left it off for a few minutes versus seconds.

Still 172 degrees!

Edit: I guess I should add…I was using an older watch face that I made a few months ago. I made a new watch face today to see if I could start over and it still says 172. The link is to the face I made today.

Here is the link to the face I made…

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OK, it’s not the watch face. Since you have already restarted the watch and it did not fix it I would remove Facer from your phone and watch and then reinstall them both. It might be that the Facer app has become corrupted somehow.

If redoing both Facer apps don’t fix it (which I don’t know why it wouldn’t) your only option is the wipe all the info from the GW4 and start over with it like it’s a new watch. It would be the only thing left to try.

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