Temperature Dial - Need help

Hi @ll
I need some help with a temperature dial.

I don´t know if my formula is right and i can´t test it with facer creator.



Total circle degrees = 285 (-142,5 up to +142,5)

Total Fahrenheit = 170

-45 F is -142,5 circle degrees
0 F is -67 circle degrees
+125 F is 142,5 circle degrees

170 x 1,676470588235294 = 285

Anybody a solution?

Greetings, GAUSS.

I think the formula is


This should give:

-45F, -42.8C => -142.5 deg
40F, 4.4C => 0deg
+125F, 51.7C => +142.5 deg

( this assumes that #WCT# returns different values depending on the value of #WM# )

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Oh. Thanks a lot. Far more elegant and everything in one formula. I would have done a separate one for Celsius. This will save layers.

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You are welcome, I hope it works ok :slight_smile:

I found a couple of images on Google…I hope this would confirm your image

Thanks, yes they are nearly exactly like the one i built after a template.