Temperature in a tick mark

hi, i have create a tick mark that is a circle that is open on the right bottom side (like the picture).
i have add fixed temperatures (celsius) that start from -5 and finish to +40.
the formula for the hand i have write is:
but i think it work only if i count 0 to 100, like for battery.
can someone explain me how to write the right formula
for have the right temperature signed by second hand ???

thank very much.

Your dial should work with formulae:


Any negative temp. will just give a negative value. I adjusted offset to -150, to match the zero position.

thank you very much.
i’m sure your formula work better of mine.

my dial work from -180 to +90, then 270 degrees total.
but your 6 what mean ???
thank again.

Over 270 degrees (rotation), you have a temperature range of 45 degrees (-5 … 0 … 40, Celsius).

45 x 6 = 270

great job!
now i can use the formula for make other dials.
thank you very much.

Hi, i have some similar problem.

I can´t get this one to run (my brain already hurts):

The celsius dial matches exactly in conversion to the fahrenheit one as shown in the middle.

I will change the displays automatically with $#WM#=F?100:0$ and $#WM#=C?100:0$.

Anyone a solution/formula ? Would be very appreciated.

Greetings, GAUSS.


I tried this approach a while back and I couldn’t figure it out, I will try again and post here if it works…