Temperature, Move and Exercise are in decimal


I was messing around creating a watch face for my apple watch. I used the custom weather, move and exercise complications on my watch. When looking at the preview on the website, it looks just fine, such as this:

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However, when I send link to my phone, open the app and apply it to my watch, the temperature, movement and exercise are all in decimal rather than whole numbers. Here is an example of how it looks on my watch:

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I thought that using the round expression would work so I had wrapped those three complications in round such as using (round(#WCT##))WM# for the temperature, (round(#ZMOVEVALUE#) Cal and (round(#ZEXERCISEVALUE# )) Exercise. Again when looking at the preview, everything was working correctly, but when I transferred it to my watch those values were not showing up at all. I am unsure how to fix this so that it shows up correctly. I have also applied a different watch face and the temperature was showing up just fine, there were no decimals in it so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Also here is my watch face that I was working on, I enabled inspector mode.

Thanks everyone in advanced

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Welcome @NatsukoIzuki. Designing for Apple is quite new to us all. I hope someone else will join in. But I do see a little error in your code.


But it is probably right on your watch. I will inspect it and see.

Thank you, I actually took out the round on my code, but I put it back in. When I copied what I wrote into here, I wrote it wrong but it is actually right, its (round(#WCT#))#WM#. I just put the parenthesis in wrong, but even still, its not rounding, its actually not showing any value on those areas.

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OK. I have had a look at you watch. Unfortunately I do not have an Apple Watch so cN not do a live test.
You could try.


For fun.

I have never used #WM# before I just let them work it out for the self’s. :rofl:

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Ah, this is a bit funny lol. So, I had the #WM# which puts either C or F depending on your settings on the temperature one. Once I removed that, it worked! I also thought, let me try this with the exercise and move ones to see if it would actually give me the rounded numbers, so I removed the words after the parenthesis and they all worked!


WOW . Well done . That is a seriously good bit of debugging you have done there. This will be so useful for so many others. I did a test on my watch and everything works exactly as you would expect. #WCT# does not give any decimal points on my Samsung Active.
Stick with your Designing and Sharing links to your work here. As an Apple Designer your contribution will be invaluable to many .


Thank you so much for your help!


Well you Sorted it. :blush::+1:

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Welcome to the Community @NatsukoIzuki where you’ll find loads to learn, and as you’ve already seen plenty of helpful people as well :grinning: Nice Watch Face by the way :+1:

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Creator’s current behavior with these values makes it quite difficult to properly use them, particularly when (silly me) I don’t have have a watch to test on. :roll_eyes:

The standing value also “appears” as an integer in Creator, and online documentation is no help. So… if the exercise value is a decimal, is the standing value also a decimal?

Also, does anyone know the actual range/limit of each of the 3 values stand, move, and exercise?

EDIT-1: I think I have somewhat of an answer to my decimal/integer question. According to this video, the “goals” are set as integers, so, I’m thinking it can’t be a bad idea to round the value of all 6 tags. I still don’t mind confirmation from someone who knows. So given this, I’ll publish my second fruity face in this manner, and I’ll see what the outcome (or complaints) are. :thinking: :crazy_face:

EDIT-2: I published it, and it is drowned out by no less than 42 (yes, forty two) contiguous repetitions of similar photo faces :roll_eyes: :neutral_face:

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Ha Ha. Yeah it is pot luck when you launch a Face into the Swamp. I keep forgetting the names of the Few that come on here with Apple Watches. I would tend to assume everything is floating point and round or floor it. I don’t remember using ceil. There is also pad(var. n) and toFixed(var, n).
I assume you mean you don’t have an Apple Watch.

Please post a link to your Swamped Face . Republish it from your Draft with a slightly changed name .Delete the Previous so Marvin does not get confused .

So I found you . Despite you being up against April .

Nice work My Friend

I notice that your main competitor April Is particularly creative with the Titles of Their Fabulous Faces .

There are over 1000 similar faces . ENJOY.

The good news is Your Followers See You .

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Thanks! The first 2 you had seen before as the same design in an LCD version, I only updated the existing VR801m and made a free red version VR801r.

VR802 is the new one with the decimal/integer headaches. But I just went with rounding all 6 values. It hasn’t had much syncs at all, so time will tell. On the other hand, the original VR800 LCD it was based on has been going nuts. It made it to #2 on the top fruit chart, so I strongly take that to mean it has no serious complaints/issues, while I have yet to see it on an actual watch. I can’t get over how slow and quiet all my other faces have been for a year and a half now, while this one got 3.9K syncs in 19 days.

And still, the bulk of the “likes” I get are for non-fruit faces while the bulk of my syncs are one fruit face.

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Yeah. Same here. The Fruit Cases do well if they Chart . Your WOS work is a Makers Delight. You do not make Facer Fodder. Stick with what you are doing. None of us are going to become Partners . Take the Respect and Enjoy.

3.9K in 19 days! I think I need to buy some fruits :sunglasses:


Oh well according to the Specifications that means you will be Invited to be a Partner. Or is it 30, 000.

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Before that fruit face, it took 63 (total) non-fruit faces from 7/16/22 until 12/09/22 to barely reach a total of 3959 syncs. On the other hand, this one single thing is about to reach 4K on its own in 20 days. I’m happy, but I don’t get it :crazy_face:

It’s 30,001 now :rofl: And I’m still thinking once I get out from under a number of issues, that I should delete my originals and redo them for the Play Store.


I think a lot are Migrating . :upside_down_face: :+1: