Temperature units

I wonder if there is any possibility to display both temperature units in (°C and °F) at the same time?

Not automatically.
You could create a condition that first checks if current temperature is displayed in F, or C and based on that recalculate one into the other.

Mellin thanks for the response but could you share how to do that?

I’m away of my work station now.
If no one else will, I will add it in about 12 hours.

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Here you have basic formulas:
°C x 9/5 + 32 = °F
(°F - 32) x 5/9 = °C

Using Facer input:
F out of C: (((#WCT#*9)/5)+32)
C out of F: (((#WCT#-32)*5)/9)

Now for the condition:

Check if it works.

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Mellin You are a star! Thank you very much it does work indeed!

I will add that under Resources/Expressions topic for others.



Just to add to this, is there a way to round the figure to a whole number?


Edit. Figured it out, thanks anyway!

Look through “Functions” section of Facer Creator Documentation.
There are many functions that give back this kind of effect.