Terminal buffering when trying to down load new watch faces

I have tried Facer Support numerous times and keep getting the “thanks for reaching out to us…” response. Here is the problem which i have seen listed and have not seen a permanent resolution in 6 months.
When Facer updated an implemented the Daily Mix feature it created an environment in which that is the only way I can receive watchfaces. I have tried adding favorites, loading my watch box, etc. but nothing works. This happened around the same time as the Android Wear 2 update. I have followed all instructions on resetting, restarting, reloading, and nothing is resolved. The watchface buffers for minutes on end eventually timing out and returning to the last saved watchface.
There have been plenty of collections and deals that I would love to purchase, but I certainly am not going to pay for something when the basic version is broken and I can’t get any support.
Really liked your app when it worked. I hope that someone out there has an answer as I would love to make my watch useful again.
Watch=Huawei first gen, ran Facer for 1 year with no issues whatsoever. Loved it.
Build N7G75S
System “up to date”
Blue tooth verified connection to phone

Build version 3.1.13_3021-(3021)

HTC One M9

Security patch February 1,2017
Software # 4.27.502.7

Can someone, anyone, please help.