Tesla themed watch face

Hi publishing my new Tesla themed digital watch face any suggestions will be greate :slight_smile:


Good idea.
Because a picture is worth a thousand words.
I tried my hand at your theme and this is what came out.

I used the original Tesla colours for the colours and personally I would make the time display in TESLA-FONT and everything else in a suitable and easy to read font.

I know that the TESLA-FONT displays the spacing incorrectly for some number combinations, but this can be worked around.

1er minute: (#Dm#-(10*(floor(#Dm#/10))))
10er minute: (floor(#Dm#/10))
1er hour: (#Db#-(10*(floor(#Db#/10))))
10er hour: (floor(#Db#/10))

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Thank you so much for the time and detailed feedback, the design was awesome!

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