Test Watch face

Hello … I am back with a new design. I look forward to your thoughts about this watch face.
Thank you for your contributions.


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Gorgeous. I love your designs.

I like it - very contemporary looking. Beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Very nice. Only thing to remember is that the seconds won’t work on the dim side.

Thank you for reminding me in seconds

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One other possible change would be either for contrast or battery life on the dim mode. You could add a dim mask (320x320 black square at 20-40 transparency), over all the elements except for the time, date, and power text. You could also consider removing the circular highlight to save battery.

Has a nice elegant look to it. Excellent work.

I add a dim mask (20 transparency). But the face was not good on the Galaxy S2. It was an image to handle with 15 transparency. Thank you.

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Yeah s2 handles dim mode differently than other watches. It’s the same with my gear live. To dark and it will disappear all together. S3 doesn’t have that same problem though.

I like it. It‘s innovative and stylish. And i love the copper look.

Very innovative and original, looks great!