Test Watch For Second Hand Rotation Expressions

In another thread we were discussing a watch that had complaints about weird second hand movement from an expression that was used, displaying on a WearOS watch. I have created a watch face with all the second hand rotation expressions that I am aware of.

The face is open for inspection. Please feel free to use it if you have an issue with a second hand.
You can also use any of my other test watch faces at Test Compatibility Faces .
P.S. If you know of any second hand rotation expressions I may have missed please contact me and I’ll see about updating the face with any additional ones.


Cool! Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you for sharing @mrantisocialguy

Thanks for sharing. Nice to see all the variations in direct comparison.

The question is: what type of the animations works best for the smartwatches?

The blue hand fails for my Wear OS watch (as you stated @mrantisocialguy) but it is easily fixed by adding another set of parentheses like so:
Without these parentheses there are 2 values with a + between them, and not 1 value.

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Hey @ircrotale you might be interested in @ThaMattie’s solution to your smooth tic second hand issue. Thanks for that feedback @ThaMattie. I just put your version in a test watch face and loaded it on my TicWatch E and it worked flawlessly.

I have some issues with some of your other test faces as well @mrantisocialguy.
The #DISDAYTIME# is true/false on my phone, which does not equal 0 and 1.
You could use (#DISDAYTIME#)==1 or #DISDAYTIME#==true in your code to make it work on more watches like mine.
Will do some more testing tomorrow.

I see what you did. Great stuff! I compared this code to my original and it works the same on my Samsung. If this makes this more compatible with Wear OS watches, I am in your debt.

For simple things I can try the true/false. I checked it with my TicWatch and it does work with it. The problem is I normally use the day or night code for sunrise/sunset display and I always code for 12/24 in combination with it. My TicWatch totally ignores that code and shows either 12 only or it shows blank. I’ll do some testing and see what I can get done. If the true/false instead of 0/1 works on both WearOS and Tizen I’ll be more than happy to use true/false from now on.