Testing forum: All Android and < Tizen 4.0

Hey fellow creators,

Can we create a forum for watch testing / is there one?

I’ve only one smart watch - a Samsung Galaxy 42mm (yup, slim wrists, I’m not a quarterback)…

I’ve had notifications from users letting me know that a watch face isn’t performing as it should, thou it seems fine when I’ve tested before release. It seems these mostly with issues regarding conditional opacity.

I was wondering if there is / would be a team of smart-watch wearers that could download ‘finals’ before publication? Obviously, I’m too busy to contribute to this (just kidding)…

My main concern is the release of paid for or Premium (subscription) watches. Even when free, I feel I’m letting people down when a face doesn’t perform as intended. Without Tizen <4.0 or other android platform reference, I feel like I’m not helping my (or Facer’s) reputation.

Any thoughts?



I bought a cheap refurbished TicWatch E off of Amazon just to do testing with. (It’s a crappy watch and I would never wear it) It has showed me when I have a coding issue with WearOS that don’t show up with my Galaxy S3 or Active 2 watches.

And to answer your question yes there is part of this forum that is for help with watch questions. Most people do the posting in both the Watchface Design and Expression Help catagories. Facer even has a dropdown menu that allows you to post in both groups using the same post.

Thanks Mr.A… but where’s testing, or am I being thick?

You basically just post your issue and ask if someone could test it on their watch. I’ve done that a few times using my TicWatch. If the face is published it’s easy to just sync it. If it hasn’t been published if they open inspection on their saved drafts I can copy and paste into a test watch face I have saved and use it to do the testing. Kind of a clunky way to do it, but it does work.

Thanks Rusty, I think we’re in the same place, but I’m looking for a more ‘formal’ place / means of testing.

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