Testing the CFW Hive Time

Trying to test this new design before go live. I´m affraid of the weight of the animations (4 image sequences of 24 frames random triggered on wake). The alternative is to make one image sequence with 3 bees and use always the same :thinking:
If you can sync it and test I will appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

@Facer_Official, in the phone Facer App, image sequences triggered on sync doesn´t show at all, but those triggered on wake works perfect …


@carlosfilippa This is a Sweet design (get it , sweet as honey ) lol I really like it

Everything is so easy to read

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Agreed this is a really cool design. I like the bee animation. Trying to sync it with my watch to test it out.

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This is the alternative, no random animation.


I love these! I’d sync, but my battery is on the way out, so I wouldn’t be able to give it a fair trial period. Keep up the creative, outstanding work!

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