Text and only text

So, on the back of creating faces using only the facer creator elements I thought I would try and create one using only text elements.
I think I did OK:


That name is an oxymoron now. After looking under the hood, there is NOTHING simple about it. Kudos for undertaking the effort!



Simple for me is always about the end result aesthetic, not the under hood gubbins.

I spent a while bemoaning the loss of the nice stickers we used to have as a 1 click option in the creator without impoting others. These have now been added to resources (Some salvaged weather icons and stickers) but I wanted to also show newcommers that nothing is impossible, even with the most limited of resources.

The built in Windows Character Map is great for examining extended characters of fonts that aren’t visible in web previews and some of them are supriningly useful. Also, fonts take a lot less storage than images.

To see the most effort ever in text only work see the first 3rd of Star Wars A New Hope as ASCII Text: http://www.asciimation.co.nz/

I’m still not entirely sure how collections work but I have added this to a creator only collection with faces from myself and @russellcresser: Facer Creator Elements Only - watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer


Also, did a version with more normal watch hands:


I can’t do the fancy graphics needed for the realistic watch faces but I do know how to move shapes (or text) around and some of the maths.

I also like thinking outside the box, but it does often require inspiration and I have found it in this community in abundance.


Still foxed by the Sun Rays . when I look in the text layer I see something like ’ not * . Will you show us how to get into the Character map for the font : )


I don’t think the program has changed since Windows 3.1


Oh wow cool . So its a copy to clipboard thing . So the Sun rays shows on the Tag as the Parent Character . You know what I am going to be doing this afternoon . Is that Roboto Mono On the standard font list ? Great stuff . I have realised why I enjoy some of what happens on the Community . If I am not learning I don’t.


Aye. Roboto is one of the creator standard fixed width fonts. I mainly used that and Amiko (the default I beleive) and had to install both to Windows to view the full char map.


I’ve been using the Windows Character Map for years. I’ve just never thought about using it in a watch face. You are correct, you do “think out of the box”.


imagine what you can do with wing/webdings!


Nice idea @rob.fisk, I like the way you implemented the text elements. This seems like a whole new design challenge with only text elements. As @ThaMattie points out, there are some fonts out there with crazy graphics, so there’s lot of potential. :+1:


Aye. For this one I only used fonts native to the creator but they still have some interesting extended characters.

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