Text functions #3 - first part of a text

A function that returns back the first part of a text before a number of characters.

For example for #ZMANU# of a Sony Smartwatch 3 and a number 3, it would give back text “So” (all text before a third character (n) in “Sony”).

this one and your last one (#2) could maybe be combined into one function kinda like substring() in java, where you could either pass in one number to get everything after it or two numbers to get everything in between them. This would also allow for getting parts in the middle of the string.

For example it could look something like this (assume #ZMANU# = “Sony Smartwatch 3”):

substring(#ZMANU#, 0, 4)

returns: Sony

substring(#ZMANU#, 5, 15)

returns: Smartwatch

substring(#ZMANU#, 16)

returns: 3

Or, if it must take the same number of arguments, then just pass in the length function you first suggested as the last argument, something like this:

substring(#ZMANU#, 16, length(#ZMANU#))

returns: 3


That is exactly what I would like to have.

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I realize this is a super old thread. But I’m trying to make a “branded watch” that displays the logo of the watch it is being displayed on.

For some reason, I cannot get this substring expression to work and I’m not sure why it won’t work.

Please take a look at this face on any of the Michael Kors watches.

Tap the MWM logo to reveal the manufacturer’s logo.

Is it legal to use those brand logos on your design? Maybe that is why they are blocked?

I haven’t kept up with Facer in a long time but I’m pretty sure these were just feature requests, the substring function didn’t actually exist