Text Glow - Not obeying transparency conditional

I have been experiencing some odd behavior with the “glow” feature on text. I have multiple layers of text to enact a certain effect with the positioning. I use transparency conditions to hide and reveal text when appropriate. However, it still appears as though the glow effect is still present even when the text is not. See the below examples:

A couple of issues appear:

  1. The glow is not transparent when the text is transparent. It is very clear in the second example where the glow is overlaid on the AM/PM text. You can see several layers of glow over the text that is supposed to be showing.
  2. The glow is very different on the watch than the creator. It is always much lighter in appearance on the creator. Note this may be exasperated due to the above issue

Here is a better example of these. I created a tester for the effect.

The three columns are for size comparison.

The rows are comparisons of the glow size (5,5, 10, 20)

The top row is with transparency set to 0.

Here is how it should appear:

Here is the actual:

So a few things to consider:

  1. with the glow size, why does it also include extra width? Shouldn’t it follow the width of the text or is the text irrelevant?
  2. the glow transparency should be set based on the text transparency

I am observing the same effect. Even the watch face, where it worked OK before (maybe a month or two ago) changed in the last time.

Hey all,

We’ll be revisiting the glow effect on Android Wear this week. Thanks for all your feedback, that’s very helpful!

One more test example. I added a simple period as a text element. I set the glow to 50 and get this huge area of glow that is very wide:

I just submitted the final version of my upcoming design. Let me know when this issue is resolved because it directly affects the overall design of this one:

Is there any update on this? I’ve got a face that is completely unusable due to this issue:


I think they are still working on the fix. Was supposed to be coming out soon.

Nice Idea with the star! I like!