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Text on Photo Editor

I found a really useful text editor AddText: Text on Photo Editor which I use for creating curved text, but it has many more features, such as 3D effects, perspective, effects, shapes, stickers etc.
You may find it useful too.
I am an Android user, so just use the google play version.
Google play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nand.addtext&hl=en&gl=US
Apple store link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/addtext-to-your-photos/id1054982568
Example curved text I have done with this app:

Note for admins: The links above are provided to the Google and Apple stores. They are direct links and do not contain any affialiate linking. I’m just sharing a app I find useful. :slight_smile:


Thats the Spirit.

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Thanks for sharing, be nice to have an App for Windows as well, to use here on the browser :thinking:


https://www.mockofun.com/ is available in the browser, and looks to offer similar functionality. I just prefer doing this stuff with the app, on my tablet.
Then you have the more powerful apps such as GIMP, but this takes much longer to accomplish the same. But you have plenty of options!


I’m the quiet type!

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Yup. Thats how its Done. Nothing to shout about Here. If you make someting people want they will come and Find you. You only have to make a Fuss to Persuade people to have what they Dont Want.