Thank you for passing 3000 likes!

Just a note to thank all of you who have helped me pass the 3000 likes downloads. I am glad that you are enjoying the
watch faces. I am still learning how to do things and hope to be able to build some better faces in the future.
A special thanks to those of you who have become followers of my designs. I really didnt know how this would
be reveived when I started doing this, I have enjoyed making these and glad that you have been happy with
what I have made. If you have not looked at my designs please feel free to and leave any comments so long as they are
not derogatory in nature as the community guides allow. That does not mean you can’t offer suggestions on
improvment or ask/request a design…

Thanks to all of you again!!



Congratulations. Facer is a lot of fun and users feedback is the best!

Congrats and I’m glad to hear you’re having fun. Keep up the good work!