Thank you for your help!

Wanted to thank the community in general for all of the awesome posts I read through to get some ideas and help with adding animation…

In particular, thanks to: Tomaja for the simple sinusoidal function & snow tutorials and Mellin for the circular motion (not rotation) tutorial

Any feedback or comments would be welcome :slight_smile:


I like the first two watch faces from what I can see :stuck_out_tongue: I went to your profile to see them bigger!

#1 Nice bubble effect , layout, simple
#2 Colorful, good loop, although I kind of like the black bkgd better. For DIM mode, some people may complain about the brightness draining battery faster, but it should be fine
#3 Honestly, not a fan of the hour/min hands… if I had to suggest a change, add a center point and make it a lemon :slight_smile: Maybe fading the bkgd in and out so it’s not as harsh a contrast


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Thanks @cth4242 :slight_smile:

  1. thanks! sometimes simple is best, didn’t want to mess with it…

  2. Yeah, I’m still playing around with what works best for the dim mode… I was thinking about posting an alternate, I’ll make a version with the black background… you’re right, I think the colors will pop… plus, being kind to the battery would be an added bonus…

  3. LOL… yeah, sometimes hour/min rocks though… did you see my “compiling” face (from xkcd)… yeah, I was actually running late when I was working on that so I should go back and play around with it… mostly I just wanted something to go with my lemon shirt… I’ll have to post a pic of that… but yeah, I’ll try your suggestions and post…

Thanks again for your feedback, much appreciated :slight_smile:

I like your clock faces !

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thanks @oregon900 :slight_smile: I like yours too!

Very nice designs. You will find alot of great people in this forum. They all banded together to help me out greatly

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Thanks @chadwgraves37 :slight_smile: … Yeah, it’s really great to see the amount of support and community on this forum…