Thank you for your support

Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for downloading my face “beware” for 100 downloads/shares!! This is the first one I have made that has hit this nbr. Thanks again and glad that you all are enjoying my efforts.



I love the patriotic theme in many of your designs.

Thanks for the comment, I am glad tht you are happy with my work. As we approach the 9/11 annaversary I will be adding more in that theme.
Again thanks to all for the support and hope you like my future designs as well.

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Are you just bored? You have commented random things on multiple posts in the last couple hours. Most are rude and ones like this contradict within the comment you make from the beginning to the end. So again not sure if you are just bored or lonely or just trying to annoy people for your own entertainment. We are all here to give assistance to others with the watch face designs or constructive criticism on designs. No need for your rants and rude comments.
Hopefully you can take my advise and be a more helpful and courteous member of this great community.


I’m active duty US Air Force and have been more places and seen more than you can know. So think before you speak. Dont make assumptions about which you have no clue.
Marv can make designs about whatever he is passionate about or makes him happy. Many others obviously like his creations, me included.
You unhelpful rants are neither positive or helpful in any way. I’ll say what parents say to children. If you dont have something nice to say then dont say anything at all.
All the best.


Thank you for the kind words

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No problem. Keep up the good work.