Thanks for getting me to 500 syncs

I dont know where to put this, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone in the community that has given helpful advice over the last 2 months that has helped me get 500 syncs, I never thought Id get that many and only started making faces for myself but then people started to enjoy them so I made more. It may not be as many as some people on here but for me it is really encouraging to break the 500 syncs.

500 syncs total or 500 on a single, most successful face?

500 syncs total. ive only been on here for under 2 months and Ive got a few that are in mid 30+ syncs. I know there are people on here that have 500 for 1 watch face so its not a brag but for me it is still nice to have.

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these are tied up as most synced

Iā€™m not one of those 500+ on a single face people so all cool here, simply wanted to make sure.
Congratulations :slight_smile: