The "11" in Eleven O'clock is Missing

I have a custom made watchface that I’ve been using for a few weeks now. Can’t tell if it just started (perhaps after a Facer update, I’m on the latest version) or if it’s been occurring before, but come eleven o’clock PM, and the “11” just disappears. I only see the minutes, not the hour. In fact, it seems the number 1 simply doesn’t display at all anymore? At 11:14 all I see is 4. Not even the “:”. The code has #Db#:#DmZ# so everything should be there. Can you guys please fix this? You literally broke your app for 1/12 of the day! This is ridiculous! I’m using a Fossil Sport with the latest version of Facer (11/26).

Please post a link to the watchface in question. Are you using a custom font?

While experimenting, it seemed the problem occurred only when the font was bigger than 100 (it was at 113). However, (maybe after another update?) it’s seemingly magically fixed itself. The next day, my "1"s we’re back. Maybe this was just a bug? Here’s the watchface Sam Friedman - My new design - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer It’s very simple.

Ok nevermind, the problem is very much still here. Seems only in the PM, the number 1 and the “:” disappear entirely.