The best tools for creating watch faces

Hi there,
The premium designs look like the templates are much more open than the free templates. so 2 questions: 1. is that the case? 2. I’ve downloaded the app on my laptop and I don’t see an option for upgrading to the creator function.
Thanks K-

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Hello and welcome!
I have never downloaded a Facer app to my laptop. As far as I know it does not get updated as often as the web app, so I am not surprised that it is missing components. I suggest using the web app with Edge or Chrome. Post back if you have questions. The regulars here are always willing to share information. Enjoy learning how to create watch faces!


Welcome @keith.malone . Yes Pro Makers can make Interactive Faces . Free Makers Can not . Then Partners have access to other development tools. As @Linlay says you need to link and sign up on the Web App and come back with some specific Questions . You will see on the Web App you can access the Facer Documents .
Please Uninstall the Downloadable . It is a real bit of Bloatware .