The best user manual ever!

This community is the best user manual ever - searching it is a bit of a problem due to the way topics are named by its users but this is far outweighed by those in the forum who regularly give help and advice to those in need (like me).
Any good user manual always includes a section (usually at the end) concerning common faults or errors. Why not do the same here? I read many topics where the advice given is restart the watch, turn on permissions, choose a stock watchface etc etc. It’s the same people involved - so why not include a link to standard fault finding answers pinned after the welcome to facer message and after the lets welcome message to new users? I’m sure that Facer or someone with the appropriate permission could fairly easily arrange this. It would save a lot of time for the helpful advisors here (you know who you are)




I have so many notes for all kinds of topics and have thought of making a manual, but no clue how to put it in this space. I do not wish to publish a PDF manual, because then I would have to maintain it. Everybody should be able to contribute. But then you would to need to have administrators reviewing the content before publish, etc. So some kind of Wiki might be ideal…


:ok_hand: :100: I agree too

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