The Black Demon

Hi, I was working on this one. My aim was to make a watchface battery friendly. I really hope you like it! Damn this is really addicctive !


Te quedó buenísimo, felicitaciones!

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Gracias Carlos. Intento poner en práctica todo lo q vosotros me enseñais. Los números desaparecen cuando el segundero pasa por encima xD. Thank you @carlosfilippa I’m trying to put in practice everything you guys teach me. Numbers will be hidden when second hand is over them.

Beautiful, very special design

Thank you @dario.marnoni I really appreciate your comment

Cool watch face! I like!!

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Thank you!!! @GAUSS Gauss :grin:

Very nice. I like this one Alot. Great work!!

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Well done

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