The Facer application ver 5.1.46_102354

After updated the facer app on watch (ver 5.1.46_102354), the application stores now only 5 recently synced faces on watch. Previously it was 10. Is this a deliberate action by programmers or is it just a temporary glitch?
I don’t expect a response from the facer team as they never answered my questions. :disappointed_relieved:
Can any of you check the app functionality after this update
The app also become unstable, has managed to hang several times.
Another update, another failure…:crazy_face:

for the faces, you have to hit the big + at the end (I couldn’t find them either).
As for stability, I don’t know. It does feel like things have been going wrong, but not sure if it is since the update or not.


Me too was confused after the update 5.1.46. I asked myself where are gone the faces? Being premium i had 20 faces stored and now i have only 4 !!!
I discovered the trick almost by chance, so:

  1. 3 taps or a long press over the Facer’s face
  2. Under the face you can see a gear icon
  3. Tap the icon and you will go to a screen with the 4 faces
  4. Slide the faces to the left until you see a circle with a + inside it
  5. tap the + sign and a new screen will open showing the 10/20 (Premium or not) faces of your watch box. Tap a face and the face will go to your watch
    I have tested this with WearOS, not yet with Tizen
    I hope this can help.
    As i told i discovered this by chance. On my opinion Facer’s team should have explained this change
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Thanks for your help @ThaMattie and @diavo, I know that.
You can see, what help facer give…
I just wanted to see if it was glich, but the Facer decided to force users to buy the premium app …
My reaction, I removed the facer app from my watch.

Facer decided to force users to buy the premium app …
As far as I know, Facer has not forced anyone to purchase the Premium app. Individual free and paid designs are still available for everyone. Did that option change?

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You don’t really understand what I wrote about.
The Facer changed the possibility of using faces on the watch from 10 to 5 faces.
In your opinion this is not a form of extortion?
The facer puts us in a situation, if you want more faces on the watch, you have to pay.
For me, this is a clear deterioration.
Still no reaction from the facer, which only confirms that I am right.
I am definitely not going to pay to use 10 faces as it was before.
I have removed the facer app from my watch.
For me, the case is closed.

Hi @rarest, apparently they just reorganized how you access the stored faces on the watch. If you tap 3 times, scroll left till you see “more faces”, when you tap on that you’ll see the rest of the 10 recent faces stored on the watch. This change was part of the recent update and I think they know it’s led to some confusion and will be addressed in the next update.

No, I don’t believe it is.

Yes, I understand what you wrote.
Tap the “More Faces”. There you will find the rest of your saved faces.