The Facer apps is great! But the Watchface Shuffle is not working on my Gear S3

The Facer apps is great! But the Watchface Shuffle for my watchbox is not working on my Gear S3

Thanks for the bug report! We’re aware of this bug and should have a fix out for it very early next week (along with other fun updates!)

Hi, when will this be fixed?

Should be fixed now in Facer Android 3.1.4 on Google Play. Can you confirm that version fixes it for you?

Hi, Shuffling is working again - but - it seems to frequently turn itself off. It will shuffle for a few hours and then it stays on the same face, and when I look at my Favorites, Shuffle Activated is grey (de-activated).

I have an LG Urbane, not a Gear S3 like the person who started this thread. Set to shuffle every 15 minutes.

This problem was fixed with your last drop. Thank you!!

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Awesome! Glad it’s fixed for you! Enjoy!

The facer’s shuffled does not work in my Samsung Gear S3

Same issue with my S3. Please help!

Where is the option on gear s3 to turn on Watchface Shuffle

Watch face shuffle doesn’t work. Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Gear S3 Classic

Raised this issue several times with facer support they were no help at all. Finally figured out myself it was due to app not having permission to run in background mode. Update app permissions and battery save settings to ensure app can run in background.

Thank you for the suggestions! I played with some settings and I will see if this works. I fear that my battery will die quickly just for this one app to shuffle on my watch, so I hope for the best. Facer needs to figure out a way to allow this app to run in the background of Android without us having to play with Android settings!!

Is this working for you folks. Shuffle is not working with my Android 10 phone. I did update app permissions and added the app to the never sleep list.

Gear s3 and note 20 ultra. The shuffle will not work. If you turn it on it will give you a random watch face but stays on that face indefinitely. Is there a fix for this?
Version 5.1.71

Still not working with my Note 20 Ultra and GW 5 Pro combo. People are paying you their hard-earned money and you can’t fix this issue

The Facer shuffle is incconcent on my pixel watch, it will not shuffle unless I close and re open the app and this only works sometimes. Will there be a fix for this ?