The formula of opactie to make appear a different image for each day of the week

Try set transparency:
for Monday use text “mon” and transparency $#DOW#==1?100:0$. And so…
DOW - Day of week int (0-6 where 0 is Sunday)

Ah no, that’s not it.
I made myself difficult to understand.

actually i want to show an image depending on the day of the week.

ex: image 1 appears when Monday then disappears when it is Tuesday but another appears on Tuesday then disappears when it is Wednesday to let another appear again …
therefore an opacity 100 when it is Monday for a well defined image otherwise opacity 0 and thus the same for other images depending on the day.

1st formula:
my red dot should appear when it is Monday but not on other days of the week.

2nd formula:
the red dots are displayed when it is the correct day and will remain displayed for the next following days

1st formula

2st formula
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OK it works perfectly. Thank you Luky


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