The future of Samsung, Tizen, and WearOS

I just received the following statement from the moderator of the Samsung Developer forum:

Samsung next line of Smart Watches will run on a Unified Platform that uses some Tizen and some Wear OS technology. It will not be the current WearOS.

This sounds like the firmware for the next series of Samsung smart watches will be some sort of hybrid combining parts of both Tizen and Wear OS. I understand Facer already supports WearOS, but will it be able to support the new Samsung software - whatever it is called? My sense is that the answer is no.

If they don’t support it their user base will drop to nothing just from older watches no longer functioning. I understand them not supporting every new watch operating system that comes along, but when all the new WearOS AND Samsung watches are running the new Google/Samsung OS they will be forced to support it or their business will die on the vine.

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