The Galaxy Watch 4 is Wear OS' last hope

Interesting article about Samsung Google and WearOS 3, The Galaxy Watch 4 is Wear OS’ last hope by JERRY HILDENBRAND


Hi @mrantisocialguy
A very interesting article

I think Google made a huge mistake here.
Samsung is losing market to Xiaomi (and its billion sub-brands that don’t help making a choice…) because they’re gigantic, as is their momentum; any change in course is sluggish and this is the reason why Xiaomi - a company that is digital first - gains position over Samsung.

The Chinese tiger doesn’t have as much experience in the smart watch market, but they have the capacity and swiftness to quickly learn, adapt and change course so Google’s best move would’ve been to reach out to as many companies as possible. Competition would drive progress.
Unfortunately, a corporate giant chose another corporate giant to further strengthen their position, but it’s debatable whether that will be the outcome. I’m not sure much will change for customers but I hope at least the battery life is improved sufficiently to call it progress.